Cixin Liu, Harvey, Dahlen, Keyyo

  1. Three Body Problem, Cixin Liu

    At times hard to grasp but so worth the time spent. Science fiction with crazy yet realistic ideas blended with accurate physical theories. Global perspectives on the world and evolution. Plenty of smart quotes that I wish I could remember. Here’s one favourite: “In China, any idea that dared to take flight would only crash back to the ground. The gravity of reality is too strong.”

    Elena’s rating: 4 out of 5.
  2. En liten bok om lycka, Micael Dahlen

    A tiny book where Micael, in a non-consistent form, gives a bunch of advises to the reader based on statistical studies. Break the rules, eat Christmas candy year round, plan ahead, be spontaneous, skip classes, etc. The book was given to the school teachers of my kids from the class as the end of term gift so I read it to get an understanding what we gave. Neither novel nor entertaining for me, which could mean that I did think about the subject long enough myself. And, btw, isn’t Micael Dahlen a vegan? What’s up with skumtomtar in that case? They are not vegan. Or did he go that crazy that we went for breaking two rules at the same time?

    Elena’s rating: 1 out of 5.
  3. Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Man, Steve Harvey

    Now that was a great short read! Very entertaining and with some nice hints. I do not entirely agree with the recommendations (being an atheist) which is OK. A fun read for ladies. Not for men.

    Elena’s rating: 4 out of 5.
  4. Mitt Livs Buffee, Keyyo

    I sympathise with Keyyo being born in Russia just like me and spreading a very positive image of my home country in Sweden. She released a cookbook mixed with stories from her life. A short and fun read.

    Elena’s rating: 3 out of 5.

Bullets. I shoot them from the hip.

It’s been a while since a wrote on my personal blog. Recently, I’ve been mainly writing for Mainly.AI. Do you know my writing style well enough to figure out which of the blog posts are written by me? I can give you a hint: I love bullets. I always think in terms of bullets. After bullets come pictures. After pictures comes text. Let me tell you more about bullets.


  • A bullet is typically a self-contained piece of information one can refer to. And I love references.
  • When I read plain text that does not contain bullets i normally try to decompose it in logical blocks and organise them in my head, which helps me to remember.
  • Am I a robot? I love machine-readable structured text. Structured text is also so much better for scientific articles when it comes to finding right pieces of information automatically.

Shooting from the hip

  • I’m not the person who overthinks things. Or am I? I often get to hear that I am assertive. I take it as a fine compliment. At times I do however have a hard time choosing between Pareto-optimal solutions and my brain goes at full speed even though I know in theory that it does not matter which one I choose.
  • I do indeed shoot from the hip sometimes. Crazy ideas, assumptions, hypotheses – I love them. But only in a safe experimentation environment and with all those constructive critics around me who are not afraid to object. Brainstorming at its best is a like a scientific experiment.