Elena is a co-author of 50+ filed patent families. Below is the list of published patent families so far.

1.     P50433 FAM: Methods and Apparatus for Propagating Data in a Wireless Cellular Network. Elena Fersman, Keven Wang, Rafia Inam. Published 2018-03-22. Publication No: WO2018/050210.

2.     P50277 FAM: Spatial-temporal collection of incident data. Athanasios Karapantelakis, Elena Fersman, Jing Fu, Selim Ickin. Published 2018-03-01. Publication No: WO2018/038657.

3.     P50274 FAM: Method for management for short-range radio access devices over cellular networks. Athanasios Karapantelakis, Elena Fersman, Hongxin Liang, Rafia Inam. Published 2018-03-01. Publication No: WO2018/036633.

4.     P49153 FAM: Energy efficient signal and data transmission for the users in connected-vehicles. Elena Fersman, Harald Edquist, Magnus Olsson, Mona Matti, Sibel Tombaz. Published 2017-11-23. Publication No: WO2017/200430.

5.     P48991 FAM: A Method for Temporary Vehicle Lane Compression Based on Autonomous Multilane Platooning. Craig Donovan, Elena Fersman, Rafia Inam, Sébastien Pierrel, Vlasios Tsiatsis. Published 2017-09-08. Publication No: WO2017/148531.

6.     P48948 FAM: Diamond lane for content distribution in mobile network. Craig Donovan, Elena Fersman, Hongxin Liang, Simon Moritz, Vlasios Tsiatsis. Published 2017-09-21. Publication No: WO2017/157458.

7.     P48706 FAM: Optimal Real-Time Service Configuration for a Mobile Terminal in Congested Mobile Networks. Elena Fersman, Jens Malmodin, Rafia Inam, Sébastien Pierrel. Published 2017-08-24. Publication No: WO2017/142447.

8.     P48705 FAM: Transparent and Efficient Media Upload in Congested Mobile Networks. Elena Fersman, Magnus Olsson, Mikael Anneroth, Rafia Inam. Published 2017-08-10. Publication No: WO2017/135855.

9.     P47686 FAM: Method and apparatus for collaborative sharing of electrical charge between electrical vehicles. Azadeh Bararsani, Elena Fersman, Hongxin Liang, Leonid Mokrushin. Published 2017-03-16. Publication No: WO2017/044023.

10.  P47307 FAM: Reverse torrent for mobile communicating devices. Aneta Vulgarakis Feljan, Elena Fersman, Gábor Stikkel, Hongxin Liang, Leonid Mokrushin. Published 2017-03-09. Publication No: WO2017/039492.

11.  P47255 FAM: A Mechanism for Optimal Vehicle Platoon Overtaking. Athanasios Karapantelakis, Elena Fersman, Konstantinos Vandikas, Rafia Inam. Published 2017-03-23. Publication No: WO2017/048165.

12.  P46818 FAM: A method and apparatus for crowd sourced short-range radio device software upgrade. Elena Fersman, Konstantinos Vandikas, Leonid Mokrushin, Rafia Inam. Published 2016-12-15. Publication No: US 2016/0364223.

13.  P46722 FAM: Dynamic Spectrum Allocation in Wireless Networks. Athanasios Karapantelakis, Elena Fersman, Leonid Mokrushin, Maxim Teslenko, Rafia Inam. Published 2017-01-05. Publication No: WO2017/003334.

14.  P46712 FAM: A method for realizing self-organized virtualization Infrastructure. Elena Fersman, Hongxin Liang, Konstantinos Vandikas, Leonid Mokrushin. Published 2017-01-05. Publication No: WO2017/003328.

15.  P45392 FAM: A System for Automatic Calibration of Sensor Values. Elena Fersman, Hongxin Liang, Maxim Teslenko. Published 2016-08-25. Publication No: WO2016/133439.

16.  P45031 FAM: Condition-Based Exhaust Emissions Release System. Athanasios Karapantelakis, Elena Fersman, N Hari Kumar, Nina Washington. Published 2016-07-28. Publication No: WO2016/118055.     

17.  P44052 FAM: Green Packets and Routing. Elena Fersman, Gábor Stikkel, Hongxin Liang, Patrik Oldsberg. Published 2016-03-17. Publication No: WO2016/039671.

18.  P43113 FAM: When there is no cloud. Elena Fersman, Hongxin Liang, Neil Urquhart. Published 2015-12-23. Publication No: WO2015/195003.

19.  P43112 FAM: Responsibility Transfer Between Devices. Elena Fersman, Hongxin Liang, Jing Fu, Vlasios Tsiatsis. Published 2015-12-23. Publication No: WO2015/195006.    

20.  P40808 FAM: Controlling Services Deployment in Distributed Computing Systems based on Historical Use by Electronic Devices. Elena Fersman, Michael Åström, Cristian Norlin. Published 2016-07-14.

21.  P41901 FAM: A Method, Nodes and a Comminication Device for Handling Feedback Information. Elena Fersman, Curtis Goedde, Hongxin Liang, Joerg Niemoeller, Robert Törnkvist. Published 2016-04-28.

22.  P40814 FAM: Disclosing and controlling collection of information from electronic devices. Joakim Formo, Mikael Anneroth, Elena Fersman, Farjola Zaloshnja. Published 2015-02-19.

23.  P40908 FAM: System and method for priority-based rule generation with consistency check and policy enforcement. Stefan Avesand, Elena Fersman, Leonid Mokrushin. Published 2015-03-26.

24.  P22804 FAM: System and Method for Communication Session Correlation. Michael Jansson, Ioannis Fikouras, Salvatore Loreto, Elena Fersman, Göran Anders Petter Eriksson, Roman Levenshteyn, Gonzalo Camarillo. Published 2011-06-06.

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29.  P22261 FAM: Arrangement and method for controlling service activation on a mobile terminal. Elena Fersman and Michael Jansson. Published 2007-12-27.

30.  P22483 FAM: Method and Apparatus for Providing Services to Client Groups in a Communication Network. Johan Hjelm, Elena Fersman. Published 2007-05-28.