Scientific Skills


PhD Students

  • Main Supervisor of Andrii Berezovski, KTH. PhD Thesis Title: A generic Framework for Analysis of Cyber-Physical Systems by Use of Intelligent Agents
  • Main Supervisor of Ahmad Ishtar Terra, KTH. PhD Thesis Title: Explainable AI.
  • Co-supervisor of Leonid Mokrushin, Uppsala University. PhD Thesis Title: Modeling and Analysis of Cyber Physical Systems
  • Co-supervisor of Athanasios Karapantelakis, KTH. PhD Thesis Title: Techno-Economic Framework for Intelligent Transport Systems

Tutoring Experience

Course Development and Lecturer for MSc Courses

  • Database Management Systems, 2001-2002, Saint Petersburg State Technical University, Russia
  • Cryptography and Data Security, 2000-2003, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Cryptography and Data Security – distance course, 2000-2003, Uppsala University, Sweden

Visiting Lecturer

  • Integrated Transport Research Lab PhD course, 2018, Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Sweden.
  • Schedulability Analysis of Real-Time Systems, 2004, University of Lille, France

Project Definition for Project Courses

My research team at Ericsson Research has participated as industrial partner in the following courses:

  • IoT Framework, Project CS, 2013, Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Mobile Network Assisted Driving, Project CS, 2015 Uppsala University, Sweden
  • Embedded Systems Design Project, 2016, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden.

Journal and Conference Editorial

  • Guest Editor
  • Program committee member
    • INTERNET 2018, The Tenth International Conference on Evolving Internet (2018)
    • Workshop on Emerging Ideas and Trends in Engineering of Cyber-Physical Systems (2014)
    • EIT ICT Labs Workshop on Cyber-Physical Systems Engineering (2013)

Member of PhD examination committees

  • Andreas Löscher (Uppsala University, 2018)
  • Yunyun Zhu (Uppsala University, 2018)
  • Johan Blom (Uppsala University, 2016)
  • Martin Stigge (Uppsala University, 2014)
  • Rafal Somla (Uppsala University, 2012)
  • Gustaf Naeser (Mälardalen university, 2005)