“… everything is possible”

How would the world look like if everything was possible from the technology perspective? If we had unlimited computational and memory resources and if data transfers happened instantaneously and without any losses. In other words, if the physical world did not put any limitations on technological capabilities. Would we have a completely different world, with more and richer services and new industries that do not even exist today? Practice shows that every technological breakthrough gave us a new disruption – just think of what we can do today thanks to mobile broadband.

Every new child in the world starts from the latest state of technological progress. We love technology, so our kids know that every room has a large screen and speakers where you can stream any content available on the web, cloud storage or devices. This is their starting point. Servitization is in their blood, devices around them are stupid, and services serving them are intelligent. When they want to get hold of some digital content they expect it to happen instantaneously and device- and location-independently. This is at least how my 8-year-old thinks. But what about my ½-year-old? He has no limits, not yet. He has not been told about the limits. How creative could he become if there were no technological limits? And isn’t it why we love virtual reality and prefer Minecraft instead of Lego.  As my good friend and colleague Leonid Mokrushin once said: “If it’s software, everything is possible”.

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