What’s a DVD?

What’s a DVD? We still remember, our kids don’t. They use TLA’s (three-letter acronyms) to sound right/cool. Like my 8-year-old Elin using term “MMS” in her blog just because she heard me say “SMS”, when we actually both mean just “message”. We got rid of our DVDs six years ago. I still remember this Facebook post i did in 2010, where Alexander lined up our DVDs on the floor, and a colleague of mine, Tayo @ekskog, asked me: “wotsa dvd?”

And I felt – indeed, why do I have this old technology in my home? We’re trying to claim ourselves to be early adopters and we should also be early-to-get-rid-of-old-tech. And we still had those DVD:s at home, so embarrassing. So we copied the movies to our network drive and got rid of the disks. And we did the same with all our CD:s and most of our books. They say educated people are supposed to have lots of books at home (and nowadays one can actually buy them by meter, sorted by color, to match the other decor). We do have lots of books – on the network drive and on my Storytel bookshelf.
Today we attended a dance show of Lasse Kuhlers dance school where Elin took part in. The show was recorded and everyone was offered to buy a DVD for 220 SEK. Well, a recording would be nice to have but what do I do with a DVD? How much money did they make on that? 440 SEK probably? What if, instead, they let anyone who Swished them 40 SEK to access a link with the file? About 500 people in the audience, half of them would go for it, and instantly they would have 10000 SEK in their pocket without a need to spend time on burning any DVDs. And a lot of happy people watching the video at home and booking more dance classes for their kids. 
All that said, apparently there’s something special about physical media. Last year Paul bought a vinyl record, and I can say – it was not cheap. 

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