We’re being manipulated and we enjoy it

I did laugh at the below YouTube video last year when Apple released their new Macbook without ports – an “overpriced netbook”. And yesterday I ordered one of those. The idea of pushing business forward through eliminating old technology appeals to me. Indeed, who wants cables when we can use wireless transfer of data and video/audio signals. And I can’t say that my workplaces are so modern that I could control any of the screens wirelessly, but we’re getting there, and in the meanwhile one can use adaptors. “You may think that you want an adaptor, but actually you don’t”, said a good friend of ours, Tomas Sjöblom, and he was so right. 

It does not take long to change people’s behaviour. Couple of years ago it became illegal to smoke inside bars and restaurants in Sweden, and smoking outside is quite often uncomfortable due to the Swedish weather. As a result of this inconvenience I barely see any smokers any more. Similarly, making it slightly more difficult to use old technology, companies like Apple can easily steer us away from cables, file systems, locally stored files, and bought content, towards wireless, cloud and rented content.

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